Spelen in Stilte: Mindfulness in de klas

Spelen in Stilte: Mindfulness in de klas

(Will be translated in English soon)
Mindfulness activities in the classroom

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Fantaseer- en acteerspel

Imagine and Act Game

(Available in 4 languages: English, Dutch, Germain, French)
Aim of the game: language and vocabulary development solution-oriented and creative thinking playing, improvisation and acting skills empathy, social-emotional skills and cooperation

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Speel je mee in Li La Land?

Onderzoeken en ontdekken met jonge kinderen
Come play with us. Inquiry-based science with young children

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Speel je wijs woordenschat

Smart Word Play €39,95 or book with 200 posters €64,95

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Speel je Wijs

Speel je wijs

Theater, drama en spel voor taalontwikkeling op de basisschool
Smart Word Play. Theatre, Drama and Games for language development at elementary schools €39,95

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