How does it work?

On each card you see in three steps what material is needed, and what the challenge is. All tasks are about creating, observing, using your senses, trying, experimenting, challenging, connecting, etc. Have a look, think, start and get inspired!

Why is this important?

Creativity is the second-most in-demand skill in the world. Just like all skills, we need to practice it to improve. Creativity develops best when you are stimulated with an inspiring assignment and at the same time have enough space to do your own thing. That’s why Connect and Create gives you freedom. There is no right or wrong and there is plenty of room for experiments and mistakes, and who knows, beautiful works of art will be created.

How much time does it take?

We believe that a creative process does not have to be limited by time. If time is limited, there are plenty of cards that you can perform in a shorter time. You can complete the shortest exercises in 5 minutes and some can keep you busy for up to a week. Usually you will be busy for half an hour to an hour.

Is it suitable for school?

It definitely is, and it can be useful in many ways. As an in-between-activity, for children who need more challenges, as a bonus activity for those who have already finished their task, as a mindful moment or as an energizer.
Depending on the task, the cards are connected to different subjects and development areas such as:

  • Social/emotional skills,
  • Arts
  • Language, also suitable for children who do not (yet) speak the language well and for children who do not read yet
  • Nature, part of the assignments can be done outside
Joeke and Irma making a wish in Lingyan - China

The makers

The world would be more beautiful with more creativity and more connection, that is why Joeke van der Veen and Irma Smegen had the idea for Connect and Create. They cooperated in several international projects and while traveling Connect and Create came alive. Ed van Uden  totally understood and made the illustrations.

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