Imagine and act game

Having conversations is ‘the’ way to develop language and vocabulary! These inspiring cards offer endless combination possibilities and make this game a special challenge for language development. With the ‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘Where’ and ‘And’ cards you can easily name what you see on the map, but if you start telling and fantasizing about what you see, the story really comes to life and becomes this game is a real language feast.

Sometimes making up is easier if you can move and play while doing it. Acting can be done with groups and audience, the players choose 4 cards from each category and play a short scene in which all parts are discussed. Numerous game options can be found in the manual (pdf). Suitable for 1 to 35 children from 3 years.

Need an extra manual or looking for a manual? Download the manual here.

These game cards are part of the books Play your wise vocabulary and Play your wise Theater, drama and games for language development in primary school.


• 1 wooden storage box

• 120 cardboard game cards (14 × 14 cm)

• 1 manual

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