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Speech of Sir Ken Robinson: expert in education and creativity 

Song about breathing

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Chapter 5: 4 seasons, 52 exercises
2. Butterfly
4. Colette Miller: project Angel Wings
4. Colette Miller: project Angel Wings
4. Colette Miller: project Angel Wings
4. Colette Miller: project Angel Wings
4. Meet Colette Miller
10. Rebecca Louise Law: Community
10. Rebecca Louise Law
16. The Sun Cap - example
18. Ochiba
18. Ochiba
18. Ochiba
25. This is how a pumpkin grows
25. Recipe for pumpkin soup
28. Petr Vaclavek: Acorn Elves
28. Earwig
28. Earwig
28. How to bake clay in a wood fire
31. Ice Flowers

First you need to dig a pit.  The size of the pit depends on how big your pieces are. Build a fire in the pit using kindling and wood. As the fire is heating up, position the dry pots near to the fire to warm them up. When the fire has burned down, but the wood is still hot, spread the pieces of smoldering hot wood out.   Now place the pots on the hot embers. Add more wood around the pottery and build up the fire, so it’s burning around the pots. When the fire around the pots is established, lay pieces of wood across the top of the pottery. As the fire burns down keep adding more wood to keep the fire burning.  Once the fire has been burning for around 5 (!) hours, you can let the flames burn out.  Then gently cover the glowing embers with dirt. Once the heat has gone and the pots are cool enough, you can remove them from the burnt-out embers. When you remove the pots from the fire, they will be black and sooty with carbon from the fire.  They can be cleaned up and polished to a lovely sheen. Source and more information can be found here.

32.Henk Helmantel: Witlof in gele doos
32. Henk Helmantel: Witlof in gele doos detail
36. Pallet
36. Color Palet
38. Warm drinks recipe warm apple juice
38. Warm drinks recipe tea

Ingredients: apple juice (pure), star anise, cinnamon

  1. Heat the apple juice.
  2. Pour into glasses.
  3. Add a star anise and piece of cinnamon to every cup.
  4. Allow it to infuse.
  5. Smell and taste!

Ingredients: tea (green or black), licorice wood

  1. Boil water (how do you know when the water is boiling? How warm is the water at that moment?) 
  2. Make a pot of tea.
  3. Smell the tea.
  4. Taste the tea.
  5. Add the licorice root.
  6. Allow it to infuse.
  7. Smell and taste!
40. Bird feeder example
40. Bird feeder example
41. Preparing shadow play

Use a white sheet, a washing line and clothes pegs to create a sheet to play behind. Remember that some distance is needed between the light or projector and the sheet. One or two lights will be enough. Test it before you are going to use it. 

42. Shadow theatre Verba: Frozen
46. Spring Song - Mize Baros
47. Plants you can use to make herbal tea

Mint, rose, basil, chamomile, lavender, catnip, linden, lemongrass are some examples.  

48. Making a bird house
50. Spring wind
51. Emine Pinar Sari Karabek 
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