Mindfulness and arts with young children

O Mindfulness e as Artes Para Crianças (Portuguese version)

Mindfulness and Arts for Young Children offers arts-based mindfulness activities that will support the wellbeing of young children. Children are guided to explore mindfulness through the arts in a light and playful way. They are introduced to it through existing art works, get to experiment with techniques and create their own works of art.

The book encourages children to develop skills for relaxation, concentration and regulating their emotions. During the creative processes they learn to practise mindfulness and develop skills to stay balanced. Teaching mindfulness to children from an early age can benefit them throughout their lives.

Overview of Mindfulness and Arts with Young Children:
• Background information on mindfulness and the arts with young children • Tools to stimulate language development
• 52 arts-based mindfulness activities based around the four seasons
• Links to music and additional information can be found here.


Music? This music can be used as background music during mindfulness exercises.

Extra information

If you see the website symbol in the book, this is where you will find additional information.

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